We are ready! If you have scrupulously followed the previous tables of strength and mass, you are ready for the “Cutting” phase or you are ready to sculpt everything you have created up to now. Here, nutrition will play a key role, much more than in other periods, therefore hard training is not enough but commitment is also needed at the table and in your lifestyle.

Caloric deficit feeding necessary!

Equipment needed: gym equipment and machines

Link Dropbox* containing digital file (video exercises + pdf file)

*recommended download immediately the content on your pc, tablet or mobile device before the link expires

Possibility of to contact for any doubts or information regarding the program, through MAIL by a maximum n ° 2 times a specifying in the subject: name and surname, purchased package or program, and order identification number.

ITEM NOT REFUNDABLE ONCE THE LINK IS RECEIVED (shipped later 24 hours to allow the cancellation of the customer's order by e-mail request with the subject "order cancellation" and the order identification number)


IMPORTANT: have a minimum basis of weight lifting and know how to correctly perform the movements for the various muscle groups. If you are starting from scratch, you need to contact a personal trainer who will start following you for the basic exercises, showing you how to perform exercises correctly.